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RA014: Paul Moser on Religious Epistemology and God’s Elusiveness

In this episode Ben Watkins interviews philosopher Dr. Paul Moser. Dr. Moser is Professor of Philosophy at Loyola University Chicago. Professor Moser has published over 80 articles and authored many books including The Elusive God and The Evidence for God; … Continue reading

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RA013: Quentin Smith on Natural Evils and Immaterial Minds

A few weeks back I was delighted to have the opportunity to interview Dr. Quentin Smith. We sat down not far from the Western Michigan University Campus where he was professor of philosophy from 1993 until he retired in 2015. … Continue reading

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RA012: Interview: Felipe Leon on Ex Nihilo Creation

For this episode, we interview Dr. Felipe Leon on the metaphysical possibility of creation ex nihilo – or creation ‘out of nothing’. This is an indispensable metaphysical doctrine to classical theists. Dr. Felipe Leon is professor of philosophy at El … Continue reading

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RA011: Interview: Counter Apologist on God and Ethics

For this episode, Ben Watkins and Justin Schieber interview Counter Apologist on the moral argument. The moral argument is an argument about moral ontology and includes a premise which states, if God exists, objective moral values and duties do not … Continue reading

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RA010: Interview: Ozymandias Ramses II on Atheism and Lacktheism

  Youtuber Ozymandias Ramses II joins Justin Schieber and Ben Watkins to discuss competing contemporary definitions of atheism. Agnosticism and the burden of proof or justification are also discussed. The Ozymandias Ramses II Youtube channel:

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RA009: Interview: Wes Morriston on Moral Freedom and The Moral Argument

For this episode of Real Atheology, Justin Schieber and Ben Watkins interview philosopher Wes Morriston. Dr. Morriston earned his PhD in philosophy from Northwestern University in 1972 and was a professor of philosophy at University of Colorado, Boulder from 1972-2014 when … Continue reading

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RA008: Interview: Evan Fales on The Problem of Evil

In this episode, Justin Schieber sits down with philosopher Evan Fales to talk about some of his work on the problem of evil as well as how he became interested in issues in philosophy of religion. Dr. Fales is professor emeritus … Continue reading

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