RA012: Interview: Felipe Leon on Ex Nihilo Creation


For this episode, we interview Dr. Felipe Leon on the metaphysical possibility of creation ex nihilo – or creation ‘out of nothing’. This is an indispensable metaphysical doctrine to classical theists. Dr. Felipe Leon is professor of philosophy at El Camino College in Torrance, CA. He received his M.A and Ph.D at University of California Riverside, and his current research interests are in philosophy of religion and modal epistemology. Recently, Dr. Leon co-edited and contributed to a collection along with Bob Fischer entitled Modal Epistemology After Rationalism. Among other things, the collection indicates the recent trend in modal epistemology to seek the ground of our modal knowledge in empirical sources, such as observation and observation-sensitive theory. Felipe also runs the ex-apologist philosophy of religion blog which has a wealth of fantastic content that listeners to this podcast will no doubt enjoy.

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One Response to RA012: Interview: Felipe Leon on Ex Nihilo Creation

  1. Cary Cook says:

    Objective good is either whatever the Supreme Being likes or whatever increases the amount of happiness in the universe.
    Norms, attitudes, and semantics are irrelevant.


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